Bill 141 New Insurance Regulations for Quebec Condominiums: How Digital Backup Can Help

With the implementation of Bill 141, Quebec’s Civil Code has undergone significant changes in regards to condominium insurance. On April 15, 2021, the amendment to Article 1073, introduced by Bill 141, outlined measures provided in the Regulation on Insurance for Divided Co-ownerships (Decree 442-2020). As a condominium owner or manager, it is essential to understand these changes brought forth by Bill 141 and how Digital Backup can assist in complying with the new requirements.

One of the key changes brought about by Bill 141 involves the Board of Directors of the Condominium Association. They are now required, as per Bill 141, to have a certified appraiser assess the reconstruction value of the building. This assessment, as mandated by Bill 141, must take into account current standards, practices, and regulations. Additionally, a copy of the assessment must be provided to the insurer and updated at least every five years, as required by Bill 141.


Condominium Associations must also secure liability insurance coverage for themselves, their board members, managers, assembly presidents, secretaries, and other individuals responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the association. Bill 141 requires these measures to ensure the safety and security of all parties involved.


Given the high demand for appraisals brought about by Bill 141, some condominium associations may struggle to secure an appraiser before the deadline. In such cases, it’s crucial for the board members to demonstrate due diligence by hiring a certified appraiser as soon as possible. Failure to do so, as mandated by Bill 141, could result in legal liabilities in the event of insufficient funds following a disaster.


At Digital Backup, we understand the importance of protecting your condominium investment, especially in light of the changes brought forth by Bill 141. That’s why we offer services to help condominium managers and individual owners create 3D scans of their homes. These scans can be instrumental in supporting insurance claims and ensuring accurate reconstruction value assessments, as mandated by Bill 141.


In light of recent increases in construction costs, we also recommend that condominium owners consider requesting an increase in their insurance coverage amount. This is particularly important if an assessment cannot be completed before the deadline. With the soaring prices of lumber and other materials, it’s crucial to have an accurate reconstruction cost estimate to avoid any potential financial pitfalls, as outlined by Bill 141.

Additionally, our 3D scanning services can be beneficial in other ways, such as creating virtual tours for prospective buyers or assisting in planning renovations. By partnering with Digital Backup, you can safeguard your condominium and ensure compliance with the latest regulations, including those mandated by Bill 141.


In conclusion, the recent changes to Quebec’s condominium insurance regulations, brought about by Bill 141, make it essential for owners and managers to stay informed and take necessary steps to protect their investments. Digital Backup is here to help by providing cutting-edge 3D scanning services that can assist in meeting these new requirements, as outlined by Bill 141, and more.

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