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Typical scenario

When a client contacts an appraisal company without a ready reference unit description form, it can hinder the process of scheduling an appointment on the spot. To ensure that the client doesn’t slip away, simply direct them to our website where we assist them in completing our custom form promptly. Once they have completed, we send the client back to you, ready to proceed with scheduling their appointment. This seamless collaboration ensures that no client is lost due to form-related delays, streamlining the appraisal process for both the client and the appraisal company.

Seamless Reference Unit Description Form Assistance

Choose from
2 options

1. Self service

Clients can conveniently access our user-friendly platform and complete the reference unit description form themselves, ensuring accurate and detailed information.

2. Professional Assistance

Clients can hire our expert services for precise form-filling assistance. Our experienced team uses advanced 3D scanning technology to create comprehensive property scans, ensuring meticulous form completion and enhanced appraisal insights.

Other advantages

Enhanced Accuracy

Utilize our 3D scanning technology to improve appraisal accuracy. Precise measurements and detailed documentation from 3D scans minimize errors and ensure reliable valuation results.

Time Efficiency

Save valuable time with faster data collection through 3D scanning. Eliminate manual measurements, reducing overall on-site visit duration.

Streamlined Operations

Streamline operations by capturing property information efficiently through 3D scanning. Minimize manual documentation and data entry, allowing appraisers to focus more on analysis and valuation.

Visual Representation

Provide appraisers with a comprehensive visual representation of the property through 3D scans. This enhances their understanding of property features and contributes to more accurate valuations.

Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive edge in the market by adopting 3D scanning technology. Offering accurate and efficient appraisals appeals to clients seeking precision and timely service, setting your company apart from competitors.

Collaboration Benefits

Partnering with our service allows knowledge sharing, technical support, and advancements in appraisal practices. Leverage our expertise in 3D scanning technology for ongoing improvements in your appraisal process.

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