Constructing the Future: 3D Scanning for Smarter Building

Revolutionizing Construction: 3D Scanning for Enhanced Efficiency, Collaboration, and Sustainability

Unprecedented Precision & Detail

Digital Backup’s 3D scans provide comprehensive, detailed digital representations of buildings and infrastructure, enabling construction professionals to work with unparalleled accuracy. Minimize errors, reduce rework, and improve overall project efficiency with our advanced scanning solutions.

Streamlined Facility Management

Integrate our 3D scans into Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems for more effective facility management. Plan maintenance, track assets, and assess future renovation or expansion needs with ease, thanks to the detailed information provided by Digital Backup’s scans.

Preserve the Past, Build the Future

 Digital Backup’s 3D scans offer valuable documentation for historic preservation, capturing existing conditions and changes over time. Utilize our technology for renovation and restoration projects, safeguarding architectural heritage while adapting it for modern needs.

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Building Information Modeling

Digital Backup seamlessly integrates into the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process by providing high-quality 3D scans of your construction projects. Our cutting-edge scanning technology captures detailed and accurate digital representations of buildings and infrastructure, which can be effortlessly incorporated into your BIM workflow. 


This empowers architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders to collaborate more effectively, ensuring a smooth exchange of information and minimizing errors throughout the project life cycle. By leveraging Digital Backup’s advanced solutions, you’ll benefit from streamlined communication, improved coordination, and better decision-making – all leading to significant time and cost savings for your construction projects.

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