Are you in compliance with Quebec's new condo laws?

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Simplified Reference
unit description form

In compliance with the new Build 141 regulation, syndicated condominiums are now required to obtain a certified appraisal every 5 years. If you prefer, you can fill out our user-friendly unit description form yourself, or for an even easier experience, our team at can come to your home and perform a 3D scan while filling out the form for you. This option ensures a smooth appraisal experience while keeping you in full compliance with the law. Don’t let the appraisal process become overwhelming – let simplify it for you.

Bill 141: Quebec's new law affects all condo owners

In compliance with Quebec’s Bill 141, stay ahead of the curve by getting an accurate and reliable evaluation from certified professionals. Save time and money with our state-of-the-art technology, ensuring your condo is insured for its actual reconstruction cost. Contact us now for a seamless pre-appraisal experience.

No guess work

Condo owners seeking to comply with Quebec law 141 need to fill out an accurate reference unit description form. Using 3D technology we digitize your space and provide your evaluator with the most accurate information.

Faster appointments

As of 2021, all condo owners must have their home evaluated every 5 years. This has lead to incredible demand. We work with all Quebec's top certified evaluation companies. Our enhanced pre-evaluation process guarantees a faster and more accurate evaluations.

Future proof

Law 141 requires a new evaluation every 5 years, we insure the same scans and measurments remain available indefinitly making your next apointment easier than ever. Schedule your appointment years in advance for a smoother process.

Our services


Reference Unit Form

Say goodbye to the stress of filling out complex evaluation forms, and let us take care of it for you.


Streamlined appointments

Effortlessly schedule your home evaluation appointment with our simplified form-filling process.


Accurate measurements

Get precise and accurate floor plans with our cutting-edge 3D scanning technology.


Easy recall of details

Evaluators can easily recall details of the home with our 3D scans, reducing the risk of forgetting important details.


insurance Protection

Use your 3D scan as proof of your investment in case of theft or fire and justify insurance claims


investment protection

Protect your investment in case of property damages with a detailed permanent record of your home.

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