Streamlining the Home Evaluation Process with Cutting-Edge Technology

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In recent years, the home evaluation process has undergone a significant transformation. The Quebec government has put into place a law requiring all condo and condominium owners to hire a professional evaluator to determine the value of their home. This is an important step to reduce the discrepancy between the amount of coverage homeowners typically purchase and the amount they actually need in the case of a major fire or partial loss. However, there are still areas for improvement in the home evaluation process, and that’s where our cutting-edge technology comes in.


One of the major pain points for homeowners during the evaluation process is filling out a form that requires a detailed description of the construction materials used in the reference unit. This form can be confusing, stressful and is often filled out inaccurately, leading to errors and increased time consumption for evaluators. This is where our innovative solution can help.


Our team of experts specializes in 3D modeling and photography, and we have developed a service that would be used before homeowners make an appointment with a home evaluator. Our service involves creating a 3D scan of the home, generating floor plans with accurate measurements, and filling out a streamlined version of the problematic form mentioned before. This eliminates the confusion and stress for homeowners and eliminates the risk of inaccuracies in the form.


Moreover, our 3D modeling technology provides many benefits throughout the evaluation process and beyond. This includes:


Making it easier for the evaluator to remember the space and reducing the risk of needing to go back in case some detail was forgotten.

Providing a detailed, permanent record in the event of a dispute or insurance claim.

Allowing homeowners to own the right to the scan and use it for future purposes such as showing their home to others or justifying an insurance claim.

Saving homeowners money by allowing evaluators to take into account differences in more expensive condos without the need for a separate evaluation.

In conclusion, our solution has the potential to greatly benefit both homeowners and evaluators by streamlining the home evaluation process and eliminating the confusion and stress associated with the traditional form. Whether you’re a homeowner in Quebec or an evaluation firm, our cutting-edge technology is the solution you need to simplify the home evaluation process and ensure accurate, efficient results. So if you’re looking for a way to simplify the home evaluation process, consider our innovative solution today.


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